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Girls' Day @ The Capitol | June 17, 2022

Hello My Darlings!

I would like to personally invite you, your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and best friend to come see me on Friday, June 17th at 10:00 as we gather in the Rotunda on the second floor to discover all the hidden treasures inside our Mississippi State Capitol in Downtown Jackson.

After the tour, you are invited to walk to Downtown Keifers or Basil's Restaurant (both located next to each other and directly across the street from the Governor's Mansion) if you would like to stay for lunch. This year, I am super excited that we have been invited to also tour The Governor's Mansion along with a complimentary dessert at 1:00.

Did you know that when I took the job as your Representative three short years ago, I had only been to the State Capitol just a hand full of times? I decided then that I would do my best to invite ladies like yourself to come see me during the summer so I could show you around this beautiful establishment. It would honor me greatly if you would take me up on this offer.

Miss Volunteer Mississippi will be joining us for the day. Rachel Shumaker is from Tupelo, Mississippi, and is excited about spending some time with you.

So please tell your mom to contact me if they have any questions: JFord@House.Ms.Gov

Hope to see you on June 17th!

Much love, Jill


Pics from Girls' Day 2021

with Special Guest Miss Mississippi Teen 2021 - Tori Johnston

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