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Your Madison delegation was able to secure over $15 million dollars through appropriations during the 2022 Legislative session.  I am overjoyed that those in leadership at the Capitol realize how important Madison County is to our State and are always willing to listen to our financial requests."

Representative Jill Ford


$2.5 million for the widening of Bozeman Road


$2.5 million to Ridgeland's Commerce Park Connector Road and paving and improving city streets


$1 million towards renovation cost for Madison's Performing Arts Center and placement of utility lines 


$1 million towards costs associated with improvements to the Town of Flora's water and sewer infrastructure


$1 million for Magnolia Speech School


$1 million for The City of Gluckstadt's new Police Department



$6 million towards the cost of the new Applied Sciences Building at Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus


C-Spire Contribution

Much appreciation to C-Spire, located in District 73 of Madison County, for their dedication and financial contribution of $1 million dollars so Mississippi Public Schools can offer computer science coding curriculum in K through 12.

Magnolia Speech School

Some of you may not know that Magnolia Speech School has chosen Madison County as its new home, and to help them with the transition, we were able to secure $2 million dollars in tax credits plus a $300,000 increase in their overall budget.


On June 18, 2021, Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen, Tori Johnston, was the special guest speaker at Girls' Day at The Capitol this year.  Girls' Day is something that Representative Ford started her first year in the Legislature when she invited young girls from Madison County to tour their State Capitol and learn about legislation.  Her passion is to build a desire in these young ladies to one day serve their state by running for public office.  For more info on the next Girls' Day, contact Representative Ford at

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