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About Jill

Jill grew up in Corinth, Mississippi, in a large family with four brothers.  This unique environment required her to develop good negotiation skills at an early age.  Whether raising two sons, navigating a 37 year marriage, or closing a difficult real estate transaction, she has used negotiation skills to successfully achieve the right outcome.  She understands the importance of finding common ground, even among those with whom she doesn't agree.  During the last 37 years, Jill has lived in District 73 of Madison County, serving her family and community as a room mom, real estate broker, board member, Life Group teacher and doting grandmother.  She is driven to excellence in everything she does.  Jill is using her skills and experience to serve the voters of District 73.


Faith and Integrity

For over 30 years my husband and I have lived, worked, and served the community in District 73 of Madison County.  I have run a successful business, raised two amazing sons, both educated in District 73, and both having returned to Madison to start their families and their careers.  My husband and I worship in District 73, and for the past 18 years, I have served as Life Group Teacher at Broadmoor Baptist Church.  My faith in the Lord is the most important thing in my life.  The decisions I make as your Representative will be by faith and conviction, and will be committed to protecting our 

Christian values.


My husband, Mike Ford, asked me out on a date on January 31, 1986, and we married just nine short months later.  After living in a family with four brothers, I knew a good man when I saw one.  And I was not going to let this one get away!  Mike and I have two sons, Patton and Crockett, both of whom have given their lives to the Lord and have committed to raising their families in the church.  We are thankful for our daughters-in-law and their love for the Lord.  And now we find ourselves welcoming grandbabies into the world on a fairly consistent basis.  My prayer for each and every one of them is to accept Christ as their Lord and Savoir the minute they know they are in need of His saving grace.  


As a member of the Mississippi Association of Realtors for the last 30 years, I have learned that the three most important things about real estate are location, location, location.  Madison County is the perfect location because of our law enforcement, schools, and infrastructure.   I ran for this position because I wanted to make sure District 73 continues its designation as one of the best places to live in our state.  I am a member of the National Rifle Association and fiercely advocate for our constitution and our freedoms.  I am pro-life, and I will defend the lives of the unborn.  I am driven to excellence in everything I do.  It is my honor to use my skills and experience to serve the families of Madison County in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Meet The Ford Family


Mike Ford

Mike Ford. What can I say? He’s more than just a pretty face. Yes, he’s my man. And I sometimes fondly refer to him as my “Mr. Delta Raider” and “Mr. Millsaps Major” because others knew he was worthy of those titles even before I came into the picture. Mike grew up in the small town of Marks, Mississippi, in the Delta. He is the smartest man I know. Not just because he married me. Nope. But because he has common sense and is loaded with book sense. He graduated top of his class at Delta Academy being awarded star student and just about every other award they gave out, and then graduated with honors from Millsaps College. My husband is my rockstar. Even if I don’t agree with his taste in clothing - somebody else please tell him that pleated slacks are out of style and that the inexpensive jeans at Tractor Supply Store are not in style nor probably ever will be. And that it is it okay to have more than just a couple pair of shoes in your closet at one time. Did I mention he is an accountant and has taught me what the word conservative means? He works hard for our family. Gets up early to go to his job and comes home late. He is a good provider. And a hard worker. I can proudly say I have never regretted talking him into marrying me almost 37 years ago. He is the love of my life, and I thank him daily for loving me so well. He is my biggest fan.  #TeamJill73

Patton and Elizabeth.jpg

Elizabeth & Patton 

Patton, our oldest son, graduated from St. Andrews Episcopal School in 2009, and immediately went to University of Mississippi where he received his English degree. After graduating college, he spent a semester in Haiti, like his younger brother, working as a missionary with But God Ministries. He returned to the states with a passion to learn the trade of plumbing with the intent of one day owning his own business.  He enrolled in Hinds and received his plumbing degree.  Patton now owns Ford Plumbing & Gas. He married Elizabeth Stephens Ford, daughter of Peggy and Hugh Stephens of Memphis, and they now have a son named Taft, twins Louise and Patton III, and little girl named  Elizabeth is a CPA with Horne in Ridgeland. They live in Madison and are members of Broadmoor Baptist Church where Patton serves as a Deacon.  Elizabeth grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, attended St. Mary’s Episcopal School and graduated from University of Mississippi. 


Thank you, Elizabeth, for being the perfect answer to our prayers for Patton's spouse.  And being so, so, very easy to love.  From one Mrs. Ford to another, own your man with every ounce of your being!



Leyna & Crockett

Upon graduating from Madison Central High School in 2013, our youngest son, Crockett, moved to Haiti to work as a missionary with But God Ministries for a semester before entering college. Upon returning to the states, he enrolled at Mississippi State where he fell in love with Leyna Hendley, daughter of Mariland and Brian Hendley, and took her as his bride in September 2017. They now reside in Madison and have a daughter named Savannah and two sons, John Crockett and Russell.  Leyna works at Grantham Poole in Ridgeland as a CPA, and Crockett works with his brother, Patton, at Ford Plumbing & Gas.  Following in Patton's footsteps, Crockett also received his plumbing degree from Hinds and is now on track to soon become a master plumber.  Crockett and Leyna attend Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland.  Leyna grew up in Madison, attended Madison Central High School and graduated from Mississippi State University. 


Thank you, Leyna, for being the perfect answer to our prayers for Crockett's spouse.  And being so, so, very easy to love.  From one Mrs. Ford to another, own your man with every ounce of your being!

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