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Girls' Day @ The Capitol | June 28th

Did you know that when I became your Representative just five years ago, I had only been to the State Capitol a hand full of times? I decided then that I would do my best to invite ladies like yourself to come see me during the summer so I could show you around this beautiful establishment. This will be the 5th year to celebrate Girls' Day so it would honor me greatly if you would be a part of this special event and come join me.


Let's make this one the biggest one yet ... invite your friends!


Bring your cameras and get your pictures taken with the newly crowned Miss Mississippi, Becky Williams, and Miss Mississippi Teen, Brooke Bumgarner. They are both excited about spending some time with you.

Miss Mississippi 2024 - Miss Becky Williams

Miss Mississippi Teen 2024 - Miss Brooke Bumgarner


Send me an email today letting me know if your coming:

I look forward to seeing you on June 28th - feel free to wear your crown!

Much love, Jill

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