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Girls, Girls, And More Girls | 2023

From the first Girls' Day, June of 2020, this event has grown by leaps and bounds. So have the young ladies that attend every year. It thrills my soul that this has become a yearly event for so many. Don't get me wrong, I do love seeing new faces and watching eyes light up that are experiencing their Capitol for the very first time ... but I sure hope the "young repeats" are watching my face as they walk through the door and catch me noticing just how beautiful they have become.

June 2023 June 2020

I love young ladies. And am so thankful the Lord made each one of us different. Each beautiful. Fetching. Lovely. We are truly a sight to behold. I pray you enjoy scrolling through these pictures and notice the glory of God in each of these smiles. Hoping your face will light up when you see someone that looks familiar to you. And I would ask that you say a little prayer for my precious darlings as they walk out the calling the Lord has placed on their lives.


Girls' Day 2023


Governor Tate Reeves

What an honor it was to have the Governor and First Lady of the State of Mississippi stop by and say hello to these little beauties! Governor Tate Reeves and Elee didn't even mind having their picture taken with us. The Governor spoke about all the things the legislature has been able to accomplish over the last four years, from the passing of the Fairness Act, which protects female sports, to the legislation we hope to get passed this coming session protecting bathroom spaces for little girls. I was proud to be able to tell all these mamas that I am 100% endorsing Governor Reeves in this upcoming election, and am thankful for his Christian, conversative leadership in our state. Our little girls' futures are at stake ... we must go vote on August 8th.


The Old Supreme Court Chambers

It just won't be the same next year without this precious lady educating all the little girls on the history of our state Capitol. Kathy Broom will be retiring at the end of this month from a very long stint in state government. She has promised to come back and work during the legislative session to appease all of us legislators. She truly does make this place come alive. Enjoy retirement, Sweet Kathy!

Madison's very own Miss Mississippi Teen, Nataleigh Nix, spoke to the little girls about being kind to others and performing random acts of kindness to those in need. What a gorgeous voice the Lord has gifted Nataleigh ... we were honored to have her sing The National Anthem to us as we stood in the old Supreme Court Chamber saluting our United States Flag.


The Rotunda


House Chamber

Wow, what a blessing to have been given the news that the newly crowned Miss Mississippi, Vivian O'Neal, wanted to come spend her morning with my little girlfriends. And what internal beauty this one has ... Vivian radiates as she speaks. I cannot wait to see how well she represents Mississippi in the Miss America pageant.

Vivian, you have a whole new fan base now, girl!


Senate Chamber


Office of the Governor




The Balloon Arch


My Reason Why

Davis, Savannah, and Louise are my reason why. Until I had grandchildren, I really didn't have a strong political position. I would occasionally have an opinion about a vote taken but not necessarily a passion burning inside me to do something to protect my state. But now, I do. Being the grandmother of three beautiful young ladies and four handsome young men, I believe I would be doing them an injustice by not taking a strong political stance for Christian, conservative policies. I am accountable to them and their future. And to your grandchildren and their future. I never want them to live in an America that is weak because I was lazy and uninvolved. It's time to be diligent about making wise decisions about the people we put in office. And by all means, please pray. The enemy will do anything to steal the future of our little girls.

Blessings to you and yours, Jill


Upcoming Speaking Events:

Magnolia Speech School Graduation - June 22 @ 9:00

Jacinto Courthouse Political Rally - July 4 @ 10:30

Mama Hamill's Grip & Grin - July 5 @ Noon


Special thanks to Girls' Day sponsor: Ten One Strategies (John Morgan Hughes and Kelly Cress)

Special thanks to our awesome photographer: HAPAX (Amile Wilson)

Special thanks to the dynamic party planner: KPEP (Kendall Poole Ellis)


Miss Alabama's Teen

What a huge surprise to have been greeted by these two beautiful ladies from the great state of Alabama. Alabama resident, Sara Franklin, and I have been working on Epilepsy legislation for the last two years. She took it upon herself to invite the newly crowned Miss Alabama's Teen to come to Girls' Day to talk to me about her epilepsy service project. Sara prayed over me as we toured the Office of the Governor and we are hoping the Lord will give this legislation His favor this coming session. Stay tuned!

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