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Highlights from Fundraiser 2021

What an amazing event we had last Tuesday evening raising funds for my next campaign! Madison County, I guess you can say that I have officially announced I will be seeking re-election for the position of your State Representative. It has been an honor to serve you, and it is my hope that you will continue to vote for conservative leadership.

Thankful for my man, first and foremost. He allows me to be your Representative "full-time". I missed the email where this was suppose to only be a "part-time" commitment. It’s important to me to be in our community every weekday while not in session. I represent you. And I want you to know who I am when you see me … to truly know me {even when you spot me in my workout clothes at the grocery store}. I take a part of you with me every time I travel to our Capitol. And I am thankful that my husband encourages me do it with passion.

A special "thank you" to my special guests: Speaker Philip Gunn and Congressman Michael Guest. It is truly an honor to serve this great State of Mississippi with you both. We all might be wearing black shoes, but I guarantee you that mine are a little more difficult to walk in.

I am thankful for our outstanding Republican Leadership. They made it a priority to show up for me. How can I ever thank Congressman Michael Guest for his incredible introduction, Senator Cindy Hyde Smith, Attorney General Lynn Fitch, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, ProTem Jason White, Senator Walter Michel, and Representatives Dana McLean, Scott Bounds, Jim Beckett, Lee Yancey, Brent Powell for all being willing to drive to Madison County from their home districts to show their support for me.

Thankful to these gorgeous Madison County Republican Women, Loraleigh Phillips, Jan Schaefer, and Renee Mader, for always pitching in to get the job done while making people feel welcome. And didn't Renee do a wonderful job on these pictures!

Last, but not least, I am so thankful for all my Sponsors, Hosts, and Honored Guests - you packed the house (actually Caet Restaurant) to show your love and support, and I could not be more appreciative. A special thank-you to Sam Kelly for organizing the event - great job, Sam! I’m not sure we will ever be able to top that party. It was what my mother would call "A Humdinger"!

Blessings to you and yours during this Thanksgiving season,

Representative Jill Ford

PS: Some have said I talk with my hands. I say it is just me showing you how much I love you!

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