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Hustle and Bustle

It’s hard to believe that the Legislature has been in session for over seven weeks now. Committee assignments have been made, rules have been adopted, and the deadline for introducing bills was on Monday, February 17th. The calendar quickly became full with bills and resolutions to discuss. I have been busier than I have ever been in my life. Serving on seven different committees, having been given the awesome opportunity of committee secretary of Judiciary B, presenting bills in committee, and building relationships in support of my ideas - every single day is high energy!

My Committee assignments include Corrections, Drug Policy, Ethics, Insurance, Judiciary B, Transportation, and Workforce Development. Committee meetings are open to the press and public. Click here for the Legislature calendar.


Although most work is still happening in Committees, several pieces of legislation reached the House floor. One bill that received much attention this week was the one I presented. If enacted, House Bill 97 would prohibit the selling, transferring or marketing of urine, most notably used for manipulating drug tests. The bill passed on a vote of 108-8, and it has been held on a motion to reconsider. Many of you know that as a Freshman, the questions presented to you during your presentation can sometimes get a little "hazy". The "ur-in-trouble" bill was the perfect set up for the senior members to really have some fun with me.


Nothing brings me greater joy than visiting with my Constituents when they come to the Capitol. Over the last month, there have been many. In fact, more than I can count, but below are just a few that I have been blessed to capture through pictures. This week included the Madison County Business League, the Mississippi Aquarium, the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi, the Mississippi Chapter of Links, Inc., the Stennis Space Center, Future Farmers of America students, the Mississippi Poultry Association and the Mississippi Egg Marketing Board. Please contact me if you will be coming to the Capitol during this session so I can make sure I get to visit with you. Thank you for allowing me to serve you - be blessed! Jill

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