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Madison County: I love you, I love you, I love you!

When you elected me almost one year ago, I knew then that I had been given an extreme amount of trust in which I was to carry with great reverence. Serving you this past year has been one of the highlights of my life. We ended the 2020 session today, finally, so I thought this would be a good time for me to tell you (again and again) just how much I appreciate you giving me this opportunity.

Like many of you, I love my state! Mississippi consists of 46,865 square miles, being 180 miles across at its widest point and 330 at its longest. Since 1817, when she became a state, has grown to nearly 3,000,000 in population. Mississippi is better today than she has ever been. In spite of the Covid crisis, our economy is booming. As of the end of August, we were over estimate by $64.6 Million. Our rainy day fund reached its all-time high of $555 Million in November of 2019, and only $55 million has been transferred to help cover unexpected expenses from this pandemic. But most importantly, our social climate is honoring the Lord by not allowing outside influences to cause us to stumble and fall. She is more precious than rubies and we should continue to treat her with such respect.

Some of you may remember when I took the year off in 2016 to pray for our grandchildren's physical and spiritual inheritance. I was able to roam the backroads of Mississippi, visit every county seat, and meet hundreds of Mississippians that were willing to go to the Lord in prayer with me. It was one of the biggest honors of my life to hear hearts calling out for the Lord to reign sovereign over our state. 2016 will always be etched in my heart as the year of seed planting. 2020, however, will be remembered as the year of first-fruit offering. Even though many of you might not have agreed with me on every subject, I have offered my best on this first year of representing you. I hope I have made you proud - cause I could not be more proud of you!

Be blessed, Jill

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And you guys left with the early voting bills still in committee, where they died. People shouldn’t have to chose between being safe and casting a vote.

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