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Two-Headed Slinky Dog

A "Two-Headed Slinky Dog" is what happens when you are left with the task of dressing your grandchildren for their Halloween Party, and the tail pitches a fit. Before the parents left for their long weekend getaway, they gave me very specific instructions on how to put together the twins costume. Somewhere along the way, it must have slipped mom and dad's mind of the possibility of a meltdown that could occur in the early morning hour of assembly when the "tail-of the slinky" decided that she, too, needed dog ears.

Little Louise just could not understand that the role she was playing as the "tail" of Slinky Dog did not require dog ears. So like any good grandmother, I decided to appease her and give this Slinky Dog two heads. As strange as a Two-Headed Slinky Dog looks, it truly did not matter to me because I was just trying to "keep everyone happy".

As a grandmother, I can do that. I have an invisible license to give them candy before dinner, let them fall asleep watching tv, and give into their temper tantrums. But being a grandmother is totally different from being a Representative. There is no invisible license for me to give into those that pitch a fit when they don't get their way - "keeping everyone happy" is an oxymoron. I remember thinking as soon as I spoke the last part of the oath of office "so help me God" - I thought to myself "Dear Lord, this has always got to be about you". Even though I might feel like I am experiencing a total meltdown of some of my people, I just cannot allow a Two-Headed Slinky Dog to manifest itself in our state by trying to "keep everyone happy".

For those of you that are on Facebook, I think it is safe to assume you have been bombarded with all my posting of opposition to Initiative 65. I have spoken at press conferences, been interviewed on the radio, met with law enforcement to discuss issues that will impact them, contacted numerous associations to get them on board with opposing 65, written opinion editorials, been the recipient of some pretty disgusting comments, and received threatening messages. But the good news is, I have basically convinced my two Labradors to vote "Against Both" and "For 65A" by requiring them to sit as my audience while practicing my speeches.

I have done my best to state the facts on the issues that concern me greatly in Initiative 65: 1) it would re-rewrite our state constitution; 2) there would be no tax benefit for our state; 3) it would strip citizens of their right to self-govern on local level by restricting zoning; 4) sensible advertising rules that exist for the alcohol and tobacco industries would not apply to marijuana industry - specific products will be allowed to be marketed on billboards, vehicles, and commercials that will clearly attract kids. . . just to name a few.

But let me just say this, at the end of the day on Tuesday, November 3rd, I will be able to say that I fought for what I believed would keep our state from being "tricked" into becoming a Two-Headed Slinky Dog - tightly leashed around the neck - by the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry. And if I have learned anything about myself this past year, it is that I am not scared. Of anything. Big money doesn't scare me, it doesn't control me, and so far it hasn't shut me up. As of this minute, I am still breathing. And "so help me God" I will continue to fight for what I believe is the right thing for Mississippi, as long as I hold this office. And to all you social media haters, I have three more years. Trick or Treat!

Representative Jill Ford

Vote 'AGAINST BOTH" and then vote "FOR 65-A"

To ensure a safe, effective medical marijuana program for Mississippi

Opposition to 65:

MS Psychiatric Association

MS Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics

MS Anesthesiologist Society

MS Chapter of American College of Cardiology

MS Hospital Association

MS Chapter of American College of Surgeons

MS Baptist Convention

MS Medical Association

MS Farm Bureau

MS Independent Pharmacy Association

MS District of the United Pentecostal Church

MS State Board of Health

MS State Board of Medical Licensure

MS Municipal League

MS Realtors Association

MS Association of Police Chiefs

MS Society of Otolaryngology

MS Gastroenterology Society

MS Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

MS Bankers Association

MS Sheriffs Association

MS Osteopathic Medical Association

University of MS Medical Center

Pine Grove Mental Health

American Family Association

Governor Phil Bryant

Federation of Republic Women

American Medical Association

Agricultural Commissioner Andy Gipson

Ole Miss Pharmaceutical Research Professors ElSohly & Walker

Hattiesburg Clinic Board

Former Secretary of State Eric Clark

Governor Tate Reeves

Mississippi Oncology Society

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1 Comment

Love this and love you!! Thank you for all you do for our county and city!! I am very proud of you and what you stand for!!❤️❤️

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